The Pulse: March 2020

Another month, another bunch of music out there. I kind of thought the flow would slow with the coronavirus, but it seems to not be the case. So here’s what caught my attention this month, and what I thought about it all. Enjoy.

Coldplay – Champion of the World

It’s almost back to their old ways, but not quite. Vacuous, vague, vomit-inducing, it’s got a solid video and a decent melody, but nothing else too original. Shame. I keep hoping Coldplay will somehow rediscover A Rush of Blood to the Head songwriting, alas not.

Jackson Browne – A Little Soon to Say

Sugary, sensitive, soulful. Browne takes his turn at the early-2000s Springsteen style of pop-rock-gospel, with mixed results. Not bad by any means, and Browne is certainly not Running on Empty, but lacks the 70s confessional punch. Still a decent preview of his much-anticipated new album, and a song that is very applicable in these times of coronavirus.

Note: Embed link unavailable, so check it out here on Ultimate Classic Rock.

Haim – The Steps

Simple yet powerful. Great lyrics, solid melody, good vibe. This revenge-come-empowerment pop-rock number strays far into Fleetwood Mac territory and emerges a victor. Cannot wait for their new album Women in Music Pt.3.

Eminem – Godzilla ft. Juice WRLD

Fast and frantic, this is one of Eminem’s best. Solid poetry in here, deep bass beat that deserves a second listen. Another stellar track.

Chemical Brothers – Wide Open ft. Beck

Not a new one, but a new one to me. Wide Open has a huge stereo sound that is, erm, very wide open. Ethereal, ambient and impactful, Beck’s contribution here brings the typical subtle tones you could hope for. Solid late-night music (and excellently placed in Dirt 4, gamer fans).

OneRepublic – Didn’t I

Another Coldplay-ish rock-dance track. Insipid lyrics, cliched verse-build-chorus structure. Well orchestrated, though repetitive and dull.

Kenny Mason – Metal Wings

Got anger issues? Not like Kenny does. Rock-rap-psychedelia is probably the best way to describe this track. It’s certainly worth a listen, though it doesn’t explode into the stoner rock segment until far too late into the song. Give it a spin.

Justin Bieber – Running Over (CHANGES: The Movement)

At this point it’s not even original to hate Bieber. I’m not sure I hate him – that’s pretty unfair on him, as he evidently has got something – but I cannot put my finger on what that something really is. This is dull, tired, disturbingly dull drivvel. Baffling that people enjoy this.

Billie Eilish – everything i wanted

Cool video, well-mixed, roomy track. Still don’t fully understand the Eilish hype, but this song appeals to me more than any she’s previously released. Sharon Van Etten does this sort of stuff far, far better though.

The Weeknd – Blinding Lights

Dance-inducing, mesmerising track that could easily transplant itself into a driving sequence from a late-night scene in an 80s cop movie. Nostalgic vibe that’s largely enjoyable, fitting in somewhere between Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars. (Take note: there’s a half-speed segment in the video, and I swore Rick Astley took over the vocals.)