The Pulse: King Buffalo, Heavy Heavy, Gyoza

Inspired by the excellent YouTube movie review channel YMS (thanks for all your great work, Adam) I’ve decided to transform the regular ‘The Pulse’ feature into a kind of quickie review segment.

This month, I turn my attention to three absolutely awesome releases, all in the stoner-rock heavy-metal field, as I review the latest releases from King BuffaloHeavy Heavy and Gyoza.

So listen to the episode above, or check out their music below. On the next episode, we’ll be turning our attention to BPM Pod regular Chris Weinhardt, as we journey through a four-part series of episodes covering topics such as:

  • First music bought
  • Music video that inspired us
  • Whether the album format is relevant today
  • The use of backing tracks, and the impact they have on a performance
  • The truths we musicians wish non-musicians knew
  • Country music
  • Meeting Fred Durst

It’s a varied series, for sure. Stay tuned, stay lucky, and see you soon.

Heavy Heavy – Born Of No Wild

King Buffalo – Dead Star

Gyoza – Early Bird

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