On the podcast, we talk a lot about gear, influences, songs we love, and more. Well 'Gear and more' is your directory of things we love at BPM Pod.

All links are external to websites for merchandise, band information, and songs I featured in the episodes. These links are created at my discretion and are not paid for. If they do become sponsored one day, I will say.

Links are broken into the following sub-sections:

  • Instruments
    • Guitars
    • Keyboards/Synths
  • Pedals
  • Recording Equipment
  • Tracks of the week


These are instruments I love, instruments I use, and ones I recommend. Most of these point to the site Thomann, as it tends to offer the best deals. Thomann do not sponsor these links.


  • Epiphone 335 Dot: One of the best instruments I own. Cheap, looks great, plays great, and is pretty damn cool.
  • Martin D-15 acoustic: One of the best guitars I have ever played. It is too expensive for me, but a friend has one (which I called "a pile of shit" the first time I saw it) before realising it is a Martin, and it is amazing.


  • Yamaha P125: The next one up from the digital piano I currently own (Yamaha P105). I need to upgrade and, if/when I do, this will be the one I upgrade too. Light, sounds decent enough, and does not break the bank.
  • Korg Grand Stage: This will break the bank, but totally worth it if you are a pro. Light, packed with sounds, and it looks pretty cool too, this is the stage piano for a semi-pro.
  • Roland FA 06: A slightly dated but affordable synth, with remarkably responsive keys and a bank of sounds far bigger than you will ever need. Not the most intuitive menu system, though.


Recording equipment

  • Zoom H6: My go-to portable recorder. Can take six inputs, easy to transport, simple to set up, and sounds great. Well worth the money and it might be the best gadget I have ever bought.
  • Rode NTA1 (vocal package): My first microphone adventure with RODE, and it won't be my last. Excellent quality and value. The podcast is primarily recorded with these mics.
  • Focusrite 8i6 3rd gen: The simplest, sleekest solution for home recording onto your laptop. Easy to set up, packed with features, and great support on the Focusrite website, I cannot recommend another interface for your recording needs.
  • Fender Bassbreaker 15: It seems Thomann no longer stocks the 15 watt version, instead opting for the 30 watt. A shame really, as the 15 is all you will really need. Stunning little amp that pairs excellently with pedals.

Tracks of the week

Again, none of these links are sponsored. I am just sharing the love.