Ep.1: Introduction

Here's what you can expect in the coming weeks with this introduction to this very first episode of BPM.

Ep.2: Chris Weinhardt

German singer, songwriter, guitarist, session musician, games lover and all-round nice guy Chris talks to BPM.

Ep.3: Manono

Funk rock? Soul rock? Pah, who needs a genre anyway. The lovely Manono band take us on a musical journey.

Ep.4: Otari

Electronic music duo Otari talk us through their latest releases, gigging in Berlin, and their next steps in the competitive electronic scene.

Ep.7: Lisa Akuah + Mikrowelt review

Lisa Akuah talks with us about what it takes to truly open up when songwriting. Also, the debut album from Tihomir Zdjelarevic gets a review

Ep.10: Iadora Johnson

The man of the blues stops by BPM Pod to give his take on the music industry today, and why the old legends really are the best.

Ep.13: Maria Mork

Maria opens up about leaving Norway, settling in Berlin, and how to balance work and pleasure when music is not your job.

Ep.16: Luc Andre + album reviews

We catch up with Luc Andre, from the band Un Ane Gonflable. Also, we review new music from Adrian Tonceanu and Bibio.

Ep.19: Tara C. Taylor

The unrivalled, unbeatable Tara C. Taylor drops by to talk being acoustic with attitude, Duran Duran, and how the world could be a better place with just a little compassion.

Ep.22: Adam Sandahl + Emma Elisabeth 'track of the week'

We take a Swedish turn this week, with singer-songwriters Adam Sandahl and Emma Elisabeth

Ep.25: Lauren Piper (Vowels) + song battles discussion

Lauren Piper from the band Vowels (listed as 'AEIOU') swings by, plus we look at whether musicians think song battles are good or bad.

Ep.28: Grizzly Bird + reviews of White Reaper and Sharon Van Etten

Grizzly Bird swings by, and we rock out to White Reaper and Sharon Van Etten.

Ep.31: David Adams of The Acoustic Guitar Project

David talks the beginnings of the project, and its future as it approaches 1,000 songs.

Ep.34: Lucas Castillo

Lucas talks musical beginnings, aims, goals, and how you can maintain relationships from far away.

Ep.37: My top 10 Queen songs

Another top 10 list, this time for the greatest rock band of all time.

Ep.40: Chris Weinhardt catch up (part 1)

Chris swings by to talk the musical future, backing tracks, and lot of other bits and pieces in this first part of our rather rambling pre-coronavirus conversation.

Ep.43: Chris Weinhardt parts 3 and 4

The final part of the extended interview with Chris Weinhardt, this time talking about country music, the album format, and Fred durst (naturally).

Ep.46: Hans Annellson

My friend, collaborator and music producer Hans invites me to Malmö to talk Frank Zappa, breaking out of musical genres and why he loves working with different people with diverse musical backgrounds.

Ep.5: Molly's Peck

This excellent funk-pop-soul duo talk to BPM Pod about their journey from meeting at university to gigging and releasing music in Berlin today.

Ep.8: REVIEW - 'Springsteen on Broadway'

A quick review of Springsteen on Broadway, available on Netflix. (NOTE: This is a preview of YouTube only content.)

Ep.11: SCARS

Hold onto your hats for this ride of pure joy, terror and unbridled passion, all mixed into one. We go to the thrash metal scene.

Ep.14: Moves Johnson

The man, the myth, the legend - Moves Johnson drops by to talk about his journey from Toronto to Berlin, via a lot of busking.

Ep.17: Ben Osborn + Tom Petty retrospective

Ben Osborn talks songwriting, poetry, and Leonard Cohen. Plus, a review of Full Moon Fever.

Ep.20: Bruce Springsteen 'Western Stars' review

A review of the sublime new album from Springsteen. In short: buy it.

Ep.23: Playthrough of 'Mythos' by Vizard

The new EP from previous guests, Vizard, gets a full playthrough, with commentary from Simon and Basti from the electronic duo. Settle in and enjoy.

Ep.26: RELATIIV interview + 1yr anniversary

BPM Pod album is released, plus we hear from the dynamic electronic duo, RELATIIV. It's a BPM Pod 1yr anniversary special!

Ep.29: Ella Fuchs (Ella & Nik)

The supreme Ella Fuchs welcomes Ashley along (with a beer!) to talk sensitive songwriting, fitting music into your schedule, and the benefits of music on your mental wellbeing.

Ep.32: Forest Island + Warren Zevon top 10

Forest Island swing by to talk about their brief but interesting journey. Plus, a review of my personal top 10 Warren Zevon tracks.

Ep.35: Orange Utan

These wonderful Dresden-based rockers invite me around to talk about musical beginnings and aims.

Ep.38: Top 10 Jason Isbell songs

Here are my personal favourite Jason Isbell songs. Check them out.

The Pulse: Isbell, Perfume Genius, Fiona Apple, Haim

A few thoughts on some of the latest and greatest releases from the musical world. Check it all out here and let me know what you think too, or what I might have missed.

Ep.44 - Alex Spencer interview + Haim and My Morning Jacket reviewed

Alex Spencer tells her inspirational musical story, plus reviews of the latest music from Haim and My Morning Jacket.

Ep.6: ZEUG

Noise rock, post rock - whatever you call it, it's certainly special. Here's what happened when BPM Pod went to a different headspace.

Ep.9: REVIEW - 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

Review of the film Bohemian Rhapsody, given recent Golden Globe popularity. The result? Well, I did not like it all that much. Have a listen.

Ep.12: Promis

From cabaret to pop, Promis is a diverse artist with a good heart, and an excellent radar for music. Hear him talk about his journey.

Ep.15: Vizard

The gentle, kind Basti (Vizard) swings by a dose of electronic energy. Plus, we review Phospherescent's latest album, 'C'est La Vie'

Ep.18: Blake Farha + special announcement

Blake swings by to talk confessional songwriting. Plus a special BPM Pod announcement.

Ep.24: Ohad Leev Roage

Ohad swings by to talk metal, discipline and guitar tech. Plus 'Tracks of the Week' from Haim, The Black Keys, Angel Olsen, Jason Isbell, Kacey Musgraves, and more.

Ep.27: Heavy Heavy

Chance, Linus, and Val from Heavy Heavy talk rock riffs, taking it easy, and playing for the sheer passion for music.

Ep.30: Catch up and end of 2019 review

We take a look at the highlights of 2019, and catch up with podcast regulars Molly's Peck and Chris Weinhardt. Thanks to all the listeners throughout 2019 - your support made all of this possible, and I hope to have your company again soon.

Ep.33 - Tidal Wave

Dean from the nu-metal outfit Tidal Wave talks with Ashley about the importance of nineties rock music, and how to ensure a solid mental wellbeing as a musician.

Ep.36 - Top 10 Jackson Browne songs

Jackson Browne is without a doubt my favourite artist, but what are his best songs? Here are my picks.

Ep.39 - Reviews of King Buffalo, Heavy Heavy, Gyoza

Reviews of new music from these three excellent artists.

Ep.42: Chris Weinhardt pt.2

Part two of the interview with Chris Weinhardt, this time talking about autotune and first singles.

Ep.45: Molly's Peck, Chris Weinhardt, Phoebe Bridgers and more

It's a review episode this time as we listen to new music from Molly's Peck, Birgit Jones, Nader Rahy, Weinhardt, and Phoebe Bridgers