Ep.1: Introduction

Here's what you can expect in the coming weeks with this introduction to this very first episode of BPM.

Ep.2: Chris Weinhardt

German singer, songwriter, guitarist, session musician, games lover and all-round nice guy Chris talks to BPM.

Ep.3: Manono

Funk rock? Soul rock? Pah, who needs a genre anyway. The lovely Manono band take us on a musical journey.

Ep.4: Otari

Electronic music duo Otari talk us through their latest releases, gigging in Berlin, and their next steps in the competitive electronic scene.

Ep.7: Lisa Akuah + Mikrowelt review

Lisa Akuah talks with us about what it takes to truly open up when songwriting. Also, the debut album from Tihomir Zdjelarevic gets a review

Ep.10: Iadora Johnson

The man of the blues stops by BPM Pod to give his take on the music industry today, and why the old legends really are the best.

Ep.13: Maria Mork

Maria opens up about leaving Norway, settling in Berlin, and how to balance work and pleasure when music is not your job.

Ep.16: Luc Andre + album reviews

We catch up with Luc Andre, from the band Un Ane Gonflable. Also, we review new music from Adrian Tonceanu and Bibio.

Ep.19: Tara C. Taylor

The unrivalled, unbeatable Tara C. Taylor drops by to talk being acoustic with attitude, Duran Duran, and how the world could be a better place with just a little compassion.

Ep.22: Adam Sandahl + Emma Elisabeth 'track of the week'

We take a Swedish turn this week, with singer-songwriters Adam Sandahl and Emma Elisabeth

Ep.5: Molly's Peck

This excellent funk-pop-soul duo talk to BPM Pod about their journey from meeting at university to gigging and releasing music in Berlin today.

Ep.8: REVIEW - 'Springsteen on Broadway'

A quick review of Springsteen on Broadway, available on Netflix. (NOTE: This is a preview of YouTube only content.)

Ep.11: SCARS

Hold onto your hats for this ride of pure joy, terror and unbridled passion, all mixed into one. We go to the thrash metal scene.

Ep.14: Moves Johnson

The man, the myth, the legend - Moves Johnson drops by to talk about his journey from Toronto to Berlin, via a lot of busking.

Ep.17: Ben Osborn + Tom Petty retrospective

Ben Osborn talks songwriting, poetry, and Leonard Cohen. Plus, a review of Full Moon Fever.

Ep.20: Bruce Springsteen 'Western Stars' review

A review of the sublime new album from Springsteen. In short: buy it.

Ep.6: ZEUG

Noise rock, post rock - whatever you call it, it's certainly special. Here's what happened when BPM Pod went to a different headspace.

Ep.9: REVIEW - 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

Review of the film Bohemian Rhapsody, given recent Golden Globe popularity. The result? Well, I did not like it all that much. Have a listen.

Ep.12: Promis

From cabaret to pop, Promis is a diverse artist with a good heart, and an excellent radar for music. Hear him talk about his journey.

Ep.15: Vizard

The gentle, kind Basti (Vizard) swings by a dose of electronic energy. Plus, we review Phospherescent's latest album, 'C'est La Vie'

Ep.18: Blake Farha + special announcement

Blake swings by to talk confessional songwriting. Plus a special BPM Pod announcement.

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