Episode 11 – SCARS

When I was first sent the music of SCARS by the band, my initial reaction was to jump away from my laptop. Man, it was some angry stuff.

Yet as with all metalheads, I knew there was something more tender underneath – and SCARS certainly proved this once again. Mijail and Radoslav were courteous, kind, and just damn fun to be around.

We talked well over the length of time we agreed, but it was such fun, even with microphones breaking (that is why the first 10 minutes of the interview sound weird) and surprisingly sub-par audio. I don’t care all that much, and neither should you. If you get anything from this podcast with SCARS, it is that life is simply too short to worry about useless things.

To find out more about the band, go to Facebook, where you can listen to some of their music and more.

Also in this episode…

I mention a couple of tracks that I think you should really check out – one from a guy called Bibio, and another from an artist named Tourist.

I’ve embedded both videos below, so be sure to give them a listen. Also, I talk about useful gear in the episode this week, as soon there will be a useful links page on the site where all this cool gear is listed. Stay tuned.

Bibio – Curls

Another track of the week: Tourist – Emily