Episode 6 – Zeug

First of all… MERRY CHRISTMAS! (or ‘happy holidays’, ‘seasons greetings’, ‘happy contentious religious figure exiting the womb day’ or whatever you prefer).

The podcast is still going over the Christmas break and, as you all have some time off, why not check out the previous episodes too?

But first – come on feel the noise, as Quiet Riot would say. The thing is: Zeug is anything but quiet.

Yet despite the volume, the crunching guitar sounds and the distortion, Zeug is surprisingly melodic and relaxing at times. No joke – I mean it.

In this episode, we hear how noise rock is created, and how musical conventions are broken to create a completely new headspace. Vlad (the bassist from Zeug) is you guide on this episode and, even if you think this music is a bit out of your comfort zone, I implore you to listen. You won’t regret it.

Have a great time eating too much, seeing family and friends, and probably drinking to drown your regrets. See you all in 2019 (unless Trump presses the red button for some kind of Christmas present surprise).

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