Episode 4: Otari

I like to think I’m a pretty open-minded guy when it comes to music. There’s not really anything I’ll turn off. But that doesn’t mean I necessarily know a lot about different music genres.

Really, I don’t know much at all outside the rock-pop-country field. This is especially apparent with electronic music of all types, whether this is ambient trance, dance, techno or otherwise.

But luckily, Sara and Telio were great tutors. Despite my ignorance, despite the ongoing general assumption that all dance music is just pressing buttons on a laptop, this calm, curious electronic music duo showed me the ropes and taught me a thing or two.

And this was on one of their self-confessed ‘off days’ (they had just returned from a party at 3am that morning). Nevertheless, it doesn’t show in this episode. What shines through is electronic excellence as two passionate, cool people talk about how they bumped into each other and just started writing music.

Listen right to the end too for a stellar acoustic performance also.

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