Episode 34 – Lucas Castillo

Nights out, singalongs, soulful chats, and a damn lot of fun – Lucas Castillo and I have had a pretty decent run through it all. And, finally, he made his way around to BPM Pod.

The thing is: podcasts with friends sometimes become a bit dull. You have so many inside jokes, so many nearby references, and so much history, that you can easily abandon the listener.

Not with Lucas Castillo. A pro musician, with the ability to critically self-reflect on his journey, we talked through the night about mental health, being away from family, musical ambitions, and much, much more.

There’s nothing I can say that can really capture the warmth, humour and appreciation captured in the podcast up top. Thanks to Lucas for appearing on the show, and for all the good times at Laksmi bar and beyond.

To find out more about Lucas Castillo, go to Facebook or search on le Instagram. (You’ll also find him at Laksmi Bar quite a bit.)

And stay tuned to the very end of the podcast! Lucas plays two acoustic tracks for your listening pleasure.