Episode 33 – Tidal Wave

The problem with Limp Bizkit is that they're misunderstood. Are they cool? No. Do they make good music? Meh, not really. Are they relevant? Good lord no.

But are they fun? Yes.

See I've always seen Limp Bizkit as a weird 90s/00s remnant of angry white-guy rap-rock. I'm not necessarily advocating a comeback of the genre, themes, or style, but I have always had a soft spot for their music somehow. I was pretty unsure as to why, until I met Dean Schweitzer of Tidal Wave.

"It's because it's fun. It's just '1, 2, 3, 4' and now we're going to jump, or shout, or whatever the fuck we want to do," says Dean.

"I like that fun element. It's not clever or cool. It's just fun."

I think Dean is right, and the fun element is certainly something he too puts into his music. Alongside an absolute bucket load of heart, soul, and ragged rock riffs, of course.

Check out the new song for proof (if you needed any).

Tidal Wave: From reliving the nineties to musing on today's scene

Tidal Wave - fronted and run by Dean - is primarily a studio project. Different musicians form, and have formed, the band in every country Dean has lived.

It brings new flavours to old material, and it is a fun way to prevent the complications of committing to a permanent band, but when the only constant is one member and their vision, it takes a lot of drive and mental strength to keep reinventing again and again.

And that's a lot of what we talk about in this episode: maintaining a healthy mind, heart, and soul. What do you do when the music just isn't coming? How do you stay motivated and focused to keep pushing? And when do you give yourself a break for the success you've achieved?

In this podcast, you'll hear all of these topics, and more (Limp Bizkit included). You'll come away feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and with a new found understanding of how hard it is to keep chasing something you love.

Speaking with Dean was an absolute pleasure. Tidal Wave is a superb project, with some cracking tunes out there. Thanks to Dean for taking the time to talk, and for being such a welcoming, open host.

For more information on Tidal Wave, go to Bandcamp, or their website .