Episode 30 – Catch up and closing 2019

Just like that, 2019 is over. It’s time to reminisce, reflect, relax, and allow that wintry spirit to wash over you. And, for the first time in a while, I am allowing myself to take a break into the New Year.

It’s been a pretty tough year on BPM Pod, in what is its fledgling year. There has been a pretty consistent flow of episodes, some incredible stories, and some amazing performances.

We released the BPM Pod Stripped Sessions album. We started The Pulse quite recently, where I review the music I have heard in the past month. Together, most importantly, we have started something good – something which celebrates unsung talent and musical heroes.

But it has also been a challenge. The audience is not as large as I had hoped. So much success (too much, in my opinion) hangs on ‘likes’ on Facebook, of which we don’t have many. Instagram still sucks. The episode quality also varies too much.

However, I am still proud of what has been achieved in 2019. The BPM Pod identity is slowly forming; an audience is being found; and your enthusiasm for this podcast has really touched me quite deeply. Thank you.

Looking to 2020

I’ve already talked about how more efforts need to be put into promotion and building a community, so expect more efforts in that.

But also, there needs to be an expansion in content. So in 2020, expect episodes from New York, Sweden, as well as more in Berlin. We’ll also try and get different musical angles on the podcast including pieces with sound engineers, DJs, guitar technicians, and more.

First up in the New Year, we’ll be jetting off to New York for an interview with the charming David Adams from the Acoustic Guitar Project. Following that, we’ll head to a dreamy pop space with Forest Island, and to a soulful, sensitive songwriter with Lucas Castillo.

Only remains for me to say: have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, stay lucky, and speak to you soon.

PS: I had a gig (and it was good!)

As you may know, I gigged in support of the wonderful Molly’s Peck (check out their podcast here).

I supported them with a 35-minute acoustic set, which will be released in 2020. Until then though, here are some snaps, courtesy of Shellyinconcert (Instagram).