Episode 27 – Heavy Heavy

Heavy heavy – has there been a better band name on the podcast? It’s clear, short, memorable, and a bit of a laugh. “We were thinking of a name, and our music is heavy, but not black metal heavy, but heavy kind of heavy. So the name Heavy Heavy just stuck,” explains Chance Blair, lead singer and bassist.

And that was the first thing that struck me about the band: their complete non-bullshit approach. Chance, Linus and Val formed Heavy Heavy simply to play, to experiment, and to have fun.

“Sure, some kind of fame with it is great, but I just want to get out there and play,” says Chance. “It’s about spreading our music and having a great time.”

Seeing the band live, you can tell they’re all in it for the thrill. They’re tight, composed, yet loose and chilled. It’s a fine balance for some fine music.

How to describe Heavy Heavy’s music? Well if you’re into King Buffalo, All Them Witches, Queens of the Stone Age and such, you’re certainly in the right vein – see, it’s heavy, even heavy heavy, but not ‘holy shit, what the fuck is this crap?’ heavy.

A brilliant bunch, with a fantastic setup, and a killer acoustic recording at the end to boot, there is nothing more I can say about Heavy Heavy which they can’t tell you themselves. So gaze west towards home, and let the episode play.

Also on the episode

Not much else to report this week, except: my only gig of 2019 is soon! Get your tickets for Molly’s Peck (with me as support) on 20 November, at Musik und Frieden, Berlin. BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE.

Doors open 7pm. I start at 8pm. Molly’s Peck at 9pm. (Want to know more about Molly’s Peck? Here is their episode.)