Episode 2: Chris Weinhardt

When heading out to Chris’s place, I was pretty scared.

A Berlin newbie, it was one of the S-Bahn routes I didn’t know. It was in a neighbourhood which, on the map, seems a bit far away from civilisation. And, given what I’d read about Chris before, I thought I was going to be clueless and stumble through the interview. But as soon as Chris met me at the station (his polite offer to drive me to his place was quickly snapped up) I knew this was the right thing to do. We laughed and joked about my stupidity and fear, and prepared a little of what we would talk about.

Chris has an incredible amount of experience, from writing his own stuff, to playing in bands, to session work, to even making music for computer games. This varied experience meant there was never a dull moment and – contrary to what I want to do with this podcast – everything needed to be clipped. But here is what happened when we met. And while we didn’t take a beer during this interview, I’m sure we will soon. (Respond to my WhatsApp messages, dammit!)