Episode 19 – Tara C. Taylor

“I have a lot of rockstar stories,” said Tara before we began the podcast. “I think some of them will slip out.”

Initially, this proclamation both excited me and worried me. Cool stories are great; but remaining fit for broadcast is even better. And I can tell you this, dear listener: not all of them were fit for broadcast.

So which ones were cut? Well that will have to remain a mystery. Fear not: the ones that remain are sublime, and could only happen to such an incredible fan of music, like Tara.

Tara C. Taylor truly is a wonder woman. With a breadth of musical knowledge that far outshines most people, a confidence and sassy attitude unrivalled by peers, and the grit and determination to succeed no matter what, Tara is certainly special in the Berlin music scene.

Where it all began

Choir practice, punk bands, and Duran Duran. Sounds disconnected, right?

Not so. What links all of Tara’s musical experiences together is a clear, undeniable passion for melody, for self-expression, and experimentation. Tara simply doesn’t stop. (Including with her hairstyles, of which she has had around 32 different haircuts through the years.)

We sat down in her apartment (husband Don nearby too) over a Guinness and scotch (not mixed together, of course) for a long, rambling, yet enjoyable conversation that in total hit 90 minutes. Half of the conversation we had lies on the cutting room floor (partially to avoid legal proceedings regarding rockstar stories; partly to hide the off-day I was having regarding musical knowledge, after forgetting Joy Division were even a thing.)

One of the easiest guests to talk to, Tara and I touch on her roots, her inspirations, her views on politics in the US, and how a brighter future could be around the corner if we all just got along.

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On the next episode…

We take a quick look at Berlin’s famous Funkhaus studios, review Richard Hawley’s new album Further, and there’s a sneak peek of a song I played a piano session for.