Episode 18 – Blake Farha + special announcement

Depression. It ain’t exactly a picnic. And it isn’t exactly something that is talked about near enough among family, friends, or even with health professionals. It still, unfortunately, has a stigma.

I’ve had depression. Many of my relatives and friends have, too. We never really talk about it, despite knowing the truth. It is sad, for sure, but the worst thing is this: by denying depression, you do the disease, and the treatment, a disservice.

Blake Farha is challenging that. Blake has also had depression, since childhood actually, but it was often brushed off as ‘feeling sad’ or ‘being a teenager.’ Two stints in therapy later, it turns out that wasn’t the case.

But not Blake. He talks about therapy openly. He laments on the feelings he had and turns them into song.

A stand-up comic, a singer-songwriter, a storyteller, and a future podcaster (I better watch my back), Blake channels his experiences, his feelings, and his emotions into beautiful art – whether that is song or spoken word.

Blake is not afraid to show who he really is, and sure he has doubts at times. But as you’ll hear in the episode, the doubts soon disappear with music.

And man can Blake make music.

In this episode, you’ll learn how Blake Farha came to Berlin from his Dallas (Texas) roots, how a battle with depression kickstarted a creative spurt, and you’ll hear a small rant or two about typical musician tropes (i.e. lateness).

Find out more about Blake on Instagram, on Facebook, or by going to his Bandcamp page.

Special announcement: BPM Pod album to be released

Over the course of these episodes, I have collected quite a pleasant collection of acoustic recordings.

And now, it is time to put them all together, mix them, and release them.

Welcome to BPM Pod: Stripped Sessions.

It needs a better front cover, and it needs some sound mixing/mastering too, so don’t think this is coming out soon. There are still tracks to be added too, as I want this to be 15 tracks or so.

But what you’ll get is 15 solid acoustic tracks from some of the best podcast guests on the show, rolled into one album.

The album will be available for download and streaming,

However, it is my 30th birthday in September and, as a celebration, I think this could be a present to myself.

There are still tracks to be added, but so far we have:

…and more to be added.

Next steps

I will need some help with the following:

  1. Mixing
  2. Album art

I can do these things alone, but I would love it if we could collaborate for free on these things. I would love this to be a joint project.

The album will be priced and available for download, with all proceeds going to music charity.

If you can help, get in touch! Otherwise, stay tuned to BPM Pod for more information.

…and more to come!