Episode 15 – Vizard

If one word cold describe Basti (from the electronic music duo, Vizard) it would be chilled. From the second I rolled into his apartment – early, wet, and flustered – I felt at home.

Basti is a big guy, and I initially feared his personality would match his domineering size. Quite the opposite. I have not interviewed anyone (yet!) as humble and genuinely appreciative of the time the podcast takes.

While electronic music is not my thing at all (why do I live in Berlin again?) Basti helped me into the scene, describing the process of songwriting in a fun, relatable way. We bonded over piano skills, a love for analog gadgets, and over finding inspiration everywhere. A truly magnificent soul, making some truly magnificent music.

Tracks of the week

Molly’s Peck – My Man

In this episode, we look at a couple of bits of music that really caught my attention.

First up, the band Molly’s Peck. You might remember Molly’s Peck (the guitar-violin-vocal duo of Julia and Gui) from an earlier episode, which you can listen to here.

Well, they have released their new single, My Man, which is available on Spotify, iTunes and more. It’s a super track, bringing back a slick, 1970s horn vibe. A foot-tapper, for sure.

Phospherescent – C’est La Vie

Next up, it is an entire album I am reviewing, coming from the sublime Phospherescent.

A true folk-rock master these days, Matthew (the actual name behind the moniker) is just as great live as he is in the studio. I know this because I caught him live in Berlin this year.

While the gig was rather disappointing (sound problems throughout meant some of the dynamics were missed) the album C’est La Vie is nearly flawless. Nine songs of bliss, with only a couple of real missteps.

But the best song? Around The Horn, for sure. An eight-minute, simple yet superb wonder. Give it a listen below.