Episode 14 – Moves Johnson

Some say he traded his soul with the devil. Some say he inherited his musical skills from Neil Young. Some say he is just a naturally talented guy with a bunch of cool stories to tell. (No one has said the first two.)

Moves Johnson (Ian) is one of the most incredible songwriters I have ever met. Kind, considerate, and just a bunch of fun, Moves was one of the first people I met when moving to Berlin.

And despite not hanging out with each other nearly as much as we should, Moves has taught me a bunch of things about Berlin.

Moves Johnson performing in Berlin

In this episode, we talk about a bit of everything (the original recording was 72 minutes long, but I have spared you some of our rambling).

We discuss songwriting, living as a busker, and balancing the life you chose with the life you want.

No tracks of the week in the episode this time, but we do have a three-song performance from Moves at the end, so stay tuned for that.

For more info on Moves, go to:

Moves Johnson Music (Facebook)