Episode 13 – Maria Mørk

There is probably something in the far north of the globe that brings out the darkness in people – not in a depressing way, but in a way which delves deep into emotion and the soul.

That is certainly the case with the multi-talented Maria. An actress, artist, singer, songwriter, Maria came to Berlin not that long ago but has already carved herself a deserved spot in the music scene. With her spellbinding voice, luscious lyrics, delicate melodies, Maria is surely destined for stardom (whether on screen, the airwaves, or both).

We sat down in her small yet functional apartment (both feeling a bit sick) to talk about her life, loves and ambitions. Thoroughly great time. And the performance at the end of this episode of ‘Let Me Float’ is sublime.

Find out more about Maria:

Tracks of the week

Quite a few to choose from this week, all with completely different styles. Links to YouTube are below.

First up, we go with Go Go Penguin. I know you probably know them and I am the uncool late one to the party. But hear me out: Bardo is amazing. Great instrumental track. Got some Robert Miles vibes in there too, and that’s no bad thing.

Second comes a stunning track from Ólafur Arnalds called Árbakkinn. This track made me cry. In the office. At lunchtime. My god, this is a beautiful, simple piece of music. I almost want it played at my funeral already.

And finally, for something totally different, we go to the band Baloji and their song Soleil De Volt. Fun, hip, cool, catchy – just give it a listen and try not to dance. (It is impossible, I promise.)

As always: all tracks of the week are uploaded to the Gear & more page, so check out any you may have missed there.

Go Go Penguin – Bardo