Episode 12 – Promis

Promis has the largest CD collection I have ever seen. (Sadly, I didn’t take a picture of it.)

I thought there could have been a thousand CDs there. Nope. There are more than 3,000 CDs, ranging from Metallica, to old-time jazz, to Frank Sinatra, to Lady Gaga, to my fave Jackson Browne, to stuff I have never even heard of.

And when you have such an incredible breadth to your music taste, the conversation is never going to be dull. Promis proved that.

Frank, blunt, open and witty, Promis (Jose, if we are being real here) is one of the coolest people I have interviewed. Confident but not arrogant, creative but not lofty, Promis juggles all of the influences from a strong musical upbringing to create singalong cabaret tunes. Very similar in many ways to Rufus Wainwright or Father John Misty. That’s no bad thing.

In this episode, we talk about the perils of social media, the struggles in booking gigs, and the ambitions Promis still keeps hold of.

Tracks of the week

Been listening to a bunch of stuff this week, mostly from BBC 6 Music.

The tracks I’ve really loved this week come from the relatively unknown yet incredibly brash White Reaper. It is solid punk music which you’ll love. Their album ‘The World’s Best American Band‘ was my favourite of 2017. There will be a retrospective somewhere down the line.

Another track I have really enjoyed comes from Vampire Weekend, and their new one ‘Harmony Hall’ (wrongly called ‘Harmony Hill’ in this episode). Solid track that has very clear Simon and Garfunkel vibes. Check it out.

Finally, Maggie Rogers is who I have been listening to a lot. Her album is solid and the single ‘Light On’ showcases everything that’s positive about the upcoming pop generation. Enjoy.

All the links are below, starting with a White Reaper track, and then into the other two.

White Reaper: Judy French
Vampire Weekend: Harmony Hall
Maggie Rogers: Light On