Episode 10 – Iadora Johnson

Blues music is a style of music which – while influential on many levels – has never been something I have spent much time listening to. Call it a missed opportunity, ignorance, or just stupidity, it is a genre that has not gelled with me in any insightful way.

Sure, I listen to blues rock occasionally, and you cannot escape the distinct sound of blues music through people like Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, The Who even. It really made modern rock music what it is.

But you know the drill – the blues is apparently depressing, familiar, and just not what you listen to if you have the choice.

Well not to Iadora Johnson.

Iadora is a soulful man, travelling the world and expressing his musical soul through blues. He’s a working man in the day but, at night, blues music is where he shines. He steps out into the world with the swagger of a cool, calm, confident man on a mission to enjoy every moment on this earth.

And, less poetically, Iadora is just a bloody nice bloke. We had a great time talking gear, musical evolution, our influences, and our ambitions. A thoroughly enjoyable time.

Also, you may note this podcast is longer than most (maybe it is the longest?) That’s for a few reasons. One, I cannot be bothered to edit it any more than this. Two, the conversation was really damn interesting. Three, the Italian accent is irresistible. And finally, I received some feedback that some sections are cut too much. So I am letting the podcast breathe.

If Marc Maron can do it – and he is the podcast king – the why can’t I? (I realise I compared myself there to Marc Maron, but I can assure you it was unintentional. The guy is far and beyond where I could ever expect to be.)

For more on Iadora Johnson, click the links below. And check out pictures of his gear too.

Strange amp, right?