Episde 23 – Playthrough of ‘Mythos’ by Vizard

‘Mythos’ is a word I typically associate with only one thing: the rather average lager brand from Greece. (I think this says more than it should about my character.)

But in this instance, not only is the use of Mythos completely different, but the quality is too. This latest EP from Vizard – the electronic duo of Simon and Basti – is superb for those late-night drives. Listening to Mythos makes you feel as if you are in a movie; your own action-packed, neon-lit movie.

And that was always the intention, as you’ll hear from Simon. The Ryan Gosling film Drive was a massive inspiration, and it is apparent. But what I detect is actually closer to Blade Runner than Drive. Either way, there is a certain sci-fi noir flavour to Mythos, which is certainly not a bad thing.

On this episode, we have a full playthrough of Mythos, along with some commentary from Vizard about the writing and recording process. So get ready for 30 minutes of excellent electronica.

Download Mythos today from SoundCloud, or listen on Spotify.

And to hear the previous BPM Pod episode with Vizard, click this link.

Track of the week: Shine a Little Light, by The Black Keys

We also look at this gem of a song from The Black Keys.

The new album from The Black Keys is certainly a more polished affair than previous efforts, but the same spirit of dirty, southern blues rock is still there.

Let’s Rock is a solid, heartfelt dedication to the electric guitar. While the riffs on the album are not mindblowingly original, the overall depth of the sound here is quite something. Effects, loops, and overdubs give the sense that The Black Keys are a far bigger band (they are actually a duo) and the overall mixing of this album (which I assure you sounds good on vinyl) is perfectly balanced.

Loud, raw, and perhaps a little too short, Let’s Rock is a welcome addition to the collection for anyone looking for Gary Clark Jnr. / Muddy Waters / Royal Blood vibes. Check it out.