Episode 17 – Ben Osborn + Tom Petty retrospective review

“Ben Osborn is fantastic,” said acclaimed DJ and BBC Radio 6 Music star, Mary Anne Hobbs, when I emailed her to tell her the news that Ben is on the podcast. “I met him through the refugee group I was teaching in Berlin, for another podcast. He is very talented,” she said.

Well, Mary Anne was certainly correct. Talented indeed, kind, calm, and overwhelmingly romantic, Ben Osborn is the kind of songwriter that just isn’t that common these days.

With a vast musical knowledge, a love for Leonard Cohen, and enough beautiful poetry to make your eyes water, Ben Osborn really is a talent to watch out for.

Coming just as he releases his debut album, Letters From The Border, Ben and I talk about the complexity of writing music in new ways, the power of accepting any offer that comes your way, and how songs become so much more than music and lyrics.

Find out more about Ben Osborn on his website, on Instagram, and download his album today from Bandcamp.

Tom Petty: Full Moon Fever retrospective

Speaking of the greats, I was shopping recently and stumbled upon a cheap vinyl edition of this stunning Tom Petty album.

Now I know Tom Petty is incredibly popular, but I thought: ‘Why not talk about the album for a bit?’

After all, it is a minor masterpiece.

Released in 1989 – to some dismay from fellow band members, The Heartbreakers – Full Moon Fever went on to sell six million copies, and many of the tracks on the album became mainstays of the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers setlist for years to come.

In this episode, I give you a quick five-minute rundown of the album, its importance, and my thoughts on it today.

(And go on then. Here is Free Fallin’.)