Episode 22 – Adam Sandahl interview + Emma Elisabeth track of the week

“I suppose I most sound like Simon and Garfunkel,” says Adam Sandahl. “It’s not a bad thing, but sometimes it just feels a bit archaic. Like I need to do something different.”

Full disclosure: I am not a big Simon and Garfunkel fan for precisely this reason. To me, Simon and Garfunkel are schmaltzy, predictable and a bit banal. Sure, The Boxer is great, and Bridge Over Troubled Water is a classic, but I otherwise find them pretty forgettable. (In fact, while watching the film Baby Driver the other day, I only realised that the song Baby Driver is a Simon and Garfunkel song.)

Adam Sandahl

So to keep things fresh, Adam Sandahl tries a different approach to your usual male singer-songwriter. The approach: wear cool suits, use chorus pedals, and buy unusual guitars.

And, to be frank, it works. Adam Sandahl stands out not only because of his songs which sound like legends, but also because of his persona. His bright, bubbly nature is a joy to behold, and certainly welcomed in a scene where being a little artistically depressed seems to work wonders.

While Adam is still in the process of recording and releasing music, there is still a lot to learn in this podcast, from talking about inspirations, to new guitar purchases, to what drives the journey for musical success.

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Track of the Week: ‘Pilot’ by Emma Elisabeth

Not much to say about this one. Listen to it and you’ll understand.

Touching, inspiring, and brilliantly mixed, ‘Pilot’ is a real pop-rock gem, certainly in the vein of Fleetwood Mac, or even more recently Maggie Rogers (who I have featured on the podcast before).

I was lucky enough to go to the release party for Emma Elisabeth’s debut album, Melancholic Milkshake, and Emma put on a fantastic show. Supported by Philly-based rock band Grandchildren, Emma’s intimate gig oozed class, confidence and charisma. Though quiet and unassuming, Emma still has a commanding stage presence, in no small part because of her incredible voice.

Check out Emma Elisabeth if you can, and certainly give ‘Pilot’ a listen.

You can buy and listen to Melancholic Milkshake here. For more information on Emma Elisabeth, go to her Facebook page.