Maybe it was Queen. Maybe it was The Buggles. Maybe Dire Straits. Whatever it was, something turned me on to radio at a very young age, and it’s stuck with me ever since.

I’d make radio shows in my room, pressing ‘RECORD’ on a Panasonic double-cassette radio to record my vocal parts, before pausing to play music from the other cassette and to record onto the first cassette. The result was something pretty low quality, pretty jumpy, but full of enthusiasm.

Even then, recording my in-house radio shows combined two of my loves: music and radio broadcasting. But over time, this faded away.

Until 2018.

I hit a musical block in 2018, and I needed to reach out to more people. I complained to my wife about it, who encouraged me to get out there and talk to people. Or, one better, to record their conversations.

And thus, BPM Pod was born.

The aim of the podcast

As more and more people gain access to music (which is only ever a positive thing) the platforms given to people to share their stories become smaller and smaller.

What this podcast aims to do is to give the somewhat unsung voices a place to tell their stories, to share their inspiration, and to give insight into the life of a musician. Because while we love the Springsteens of the world, they’ve had enough coverage. (Though I feel I must hastily add that, if Springsteen ever wants to appear on this podcast, he’ll be right on. C’mon, I’m not a monster.)

BPM Pod tries to be the bits that open mics aren’t. Those talking bits, those explanations of songs, those pieces of promotion to listen to more.

Every two weeks, you’ll hear an in-depth interview with a different artist, talking about their life, their passions, their inspiration and their tips on songwriting, singing, playing and life in general. It’s about getting behind people’s music (BPM, see?)

Check it out, stay lucky, and speak to you soon.

More about Ashley

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Special thanks

Background music on the podcast is supplied by my friend, record producer, mentor and musician, Hans Annellsson. Check out his music here. Thanks again Hans for all your help in this.

Artwork has been made by my other dear friend, Lotta Olsson. Check out some of the incredible work she does here.