BPM Pod album released

First up - welcome! And second - check this out!

After one year of BPM Pod, there's finally a compilation album out now (for free download) with acoustic versions of tracks from our guests.

My only request? Go share the love for these artists who work their asses off to bring you some of the greatest music you've never heard.

And when you're done, check out all the episodes to date.

Latest episodes

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Ep.22: Adam Sandahl + Emma Elisabeth 'track of the week'

We take a Swedish turn this week, with singer-songwriters Adam Sandahl and Emma Elisabeth

Ep.24: Ohad Leev Roage

Ohad swings by to talk metal, discipline and guitar tech. Plus 'Tracks of the Week' from Haim, The Black Keys, Angel Olsen, Jason Isbell, Kacey Musgraves, and more.

Ep.23: Playthrough of 'Mythos' by Vizard

The new EP from previous guests, Vizard, gets a full playthrough, with commentary from Simon and Basti from the electronic duo. Settle in and enjoy.

Ep.25: Lauren Piper (Vowels) + song battles discussion

Lauren swings by the studio, plus we look at whether song battles are good or bad for musicians.

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